A downloadable game for Windows

This is the first public prototype of Splasher (released in 2017) the incredible 2D splatformer.

Prehistoric prototype =>  https://clauclaudr.itch.io/super-meat-guns
Second early demo => https://clauclaudr.itch.io/splasher-early-demo

Install instructions

TIP : BETTER PLAY SPLASHER PROTOTYPE WITH A GAMEPAD (For recognition purpose, ensure it is plugged before you launch the application)

Launch Splasher_EarlyPrototype_v1.1.exe

Choose the resolution that fit your screen and play the game. No input configuration required !!

For the brave no gamepad players, here are the keyboard inputs :

  • ZQSD or Arrows -> Move  
  • SPACE -> Jump 
  • ENTER -> Pause

One last thing : if you opt for keyboard/mouse gameplay, your mouse needs at least 3 buttons.


Splasher_EarlyPrototype..zip 26 MB

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